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Bar Accused Of Over Serving A Customer

When an alcohol-serving establishment in Pennsylvania over-serves a customer, that intoxicated customer may end up causing harm to another individual. The harm could be inflicted either at the establishment or even on the road, where an injury accident may turn into a fatal one. In one out-of-state case, a man has accused a bar of over-serving a customer, which reportedly led to his being assaulted.

The man filed a lawsuit against the bar as well as against the patron who allegedly assaulted him. In his lawsuit, he has alleged not only assault but also dram shop liability and battery. The man said both he and the other man were patrons of the bar one day when the other man became drunk and violent.

The allegedly violent man is said to have struck the plaintiff. According to the suit, the alleged assaulter drank many alcoholic beverages served by the bar. The man who was struck is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

Attacks and accidents can easily happen as a result of a bartender’s over-serving a customer who is obviously already inebriated. Even though the drunk person is ultimately responsible for his or her actions, if he or she ends up injuring somebody, the restaurant or bar may still be found liable for the injuries suffered by the victim. In cases that involve bar liability, legal counsel can investigate the incident to get the evidence necessary for establishing liability. Only if liability is established to the court’s satisfaction will claims for monetary damages be determined in Pennsylvania.

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