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An Injury Lawyers Take On Controversial Dram Shop Liability Laws

If you are a frequent visitor to our blog, you already know that we talk about dram shop liability quite often. It is our effort to raise awareness about the many different causes of DUI accidents in or near Pittsburgh. In Pennsylvania, victims of auto accidents involving alcohol do have legal options if it is found that the drunk driver was over-served in an establishment.

Unfortunately, many people believe that dram shop liability laws are unfair. They hold that the patron alone owns the responsibility for his or actions. They say that a stranger working in a bar or a restaurant should not be held responsible for a patron consuming too much alcohol and endangering innocent people.

We have seen far too many drunk driving accidents in our legal practice. In a perfect world, a person knows when to stop drinking if he or she will be driving. In reality, our world is far from perfect. Most people, even bartenders and servers, know that an intoxicated customer often cannot make sound decisions. We believe it is not about being fair; it is about looking out for your neighbors.

Because of our beliefs, we and many other Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are committed to helping victims of a DUI accident seek to hold all responsible parties to account. This includes servers and establishment owners when applicable as well as drunk drivers.

We urge all people living in Pittsburgh to learn more about dram shop liability before writing it off as unfair. We offer information about this sometimes controversial topic on our website and in our blog.

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