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Stay Injury Free On Escalators By Following These Tips

Escalators are everywhere in Pennsylvania including airports, convention centers and shopping centers. These transport devices are convenient in channeling foot traffic and keeping busy commercial sites flowing smoothly, but they can be dangerous.

News sites across the world are filled with reports of escalator accidents, many of them causing severe injury or even death. The Today Show’s Jeff Rossen even got in on the media buzz with a detailed video report about these incidents.

Sometimes, escalator accidents cannot be avoided. The equipment may be broken or defective, or the property owner may fail to keep the escalator in good maintenance. Other times, users themselves can take steps to remain safe on these modes of transit.

— Do not take wheeled vehicles such as luggage or strollers onto escalators.

— Hold onto at least one of the escalator’s handrails at all times.

— Use caution when stepping on or off an escalator.

— Make sure shoelaces are tied and avoid riding barefoot.

— Never sit down while using an escalator.

— When exiting, move away from the escalator immediately.

— Hold onto your children with one hand.

— Never lean against the side and avoid touching the area under the handrails.

— Make sure loose clothing is kept clear of moving parts.

As long as you are following the rules and using the machine properly, you bear no fault if you suffer injuries in an escalator accident. Instead, the fault often lies with negligent property owners or with the escalator manufacturer. An attorney experienced with premises liability cases can help you determine whether you have sufficient grounds to file a personal injury liability claim.

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