How Are Accidents and Injuries Prevented?

November 29, 2017

preventing accidents in Pittsburgh, PA

Injuries arising from accidents can be extremely devastating for victims. A small oversight or negligent act could potentially result in life-long injuries, permanent damage, property destruction, lost wages, emotional turmoil, restricted future opportunities, financial strain and severe suffering. Although a small minority of accidents are completely unavoidable, the majority of accidents are a result of human negligence or error that could have been prevented.

When an individual is negligent, they have failed to act with reasonable caution to protect others or safeguard their property. The best way to prevent an accident is to avoid negligence on your part and to remain vigilant of how another person’s negligence could harm you. To avoid an accident while driving, for example, one should always follow traffic safety laws and be cautious of dangerous weather conditions. Pay attention and steer clear of any drivers exhibiting reckless behavior. If you receive any maintenance recalls for your vehicle, then be sure to get the issue corrected as soon as possible. When you fail to take heed of recalled or defective parts, then you are exhibiting negligent behavior towards yourself and any drivers that could be impacted by a crash.

When an accident occurs and the liable party is a pet or child, the responsibility falls on the adult care-taking for the pet or child. If a dog escapes a backyard and bites someone, then their human owner will be responsible for injuries. A person who adopts a pet is accepting legal responsibility for their actions, and parents are always responsible for a child’s behavior until they are old enough to be held responsible for their own actions.

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