Steer Clear of Hazards to Avoid a Slip and Fall on Ice

November 22, 2017

hazards that cause you to slip on ice Pittsburgh, PA

Everyone on social media has snickered at video compilations of epic fails and icy slips and falls, but you may be surprised how often a serious injury arises from slipping on ice. The most dangerous thing an individual can do is underestimate the seriousness of slippery roads or walkways. Do not be overconfident in your ability to navigate through snow and ice, rather avoid it when possible.

If you do accidentally fall in the ice, then you should report the fall immediately. As time passes between the original fall and reporting the accident, evidence like security camera footage or witnesses may become harder to locate or be lost forever. Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of a lack of evidence and may even try to argue that your fall never happened at all. First, notify the property owner about the accident even if it occurred in a parking lot or private property. When you fall on private property, you should also notify the police, so they can file an official report. Initially, these measures may seem extreme for a simple fall, but even severe injuries can seem minor when you are in shock.

If you are able, then collect evidence at the scene including pictures of the icy, slippery conditions. Additionally, collect contact information for any witnesses. Ask witnesses if they are willing to give police an official statement as proof that you fell. Ask the property owners if they can save any surveillance footage. Finally, seek medical treatment for your injuries even when you believe they may be minor.

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