81-Year-Old Woman Killed in Truck Accident

March 3, 2020

woman killed in truck accident Pittsburgh, PA

An elderly woman who was shopping at a store inside a Crafton shopping center was hit and killed by a truck while walking to her vehicle. The woman was visiting the Giant Eagle and had just left the store with her items when she was hit. The accident occurred as she approached her vehicle, walking behind the truck that was backing up in a spot inside the parking lot. The driver of the truck was parking to provide delivery to the Advanced Auto Parts store that is within a short distance from the Giant Eagle.

Unfortunately, when the truck hit her, the elderly woman was stuck underneath the back wheels of the vehicle, causing her to lose her life. When medics arrived and attempted to save the woman, they realized she was deceased and pronounced her dead at the scene. Those who were in the area when the accident initially occurred said that they did hear some warning sounds coming from the truck while it was backing up to get into the spot in the parking lot. Witnesses said there was a loud beeping noise while the truck was moving. It is possible that the woman was hard of hearing and simply did not hear the warning sounds coming from the vehicle.

There is currently an ongoing investigation into the accident to determine how it happened and why. Accident reconstructionists are working to put together a model of the accident to show exactly what happened, before, during, and after the accident that led to the woman’s tragic death.

There is still a lot that needs to be determined. In addition to learning how the vehicle hit the woman and why she was unable to hear the warning sounds that several other people in the area claimed to have heard when the truck was backing into the spot, the driver will be investigated to determine if they were under the influence of any substances, distracted while backing up in the parking lot, or doing something else that they should not have been doing at the time of the accident.

The close family of the elderly woman may have plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the truck and even the truck company itself. The outcome of the lawsuit will depend on various factors, including what caused the woman to get struck and killed by the moving vehicle in the parking lot after shopping at a store in the area.

A personal injury attorney could take on the family’s case and perform research to determine if someone can be held responsible for being negligent, such as the driver, the truck company for failure to maintain the vehicle, or even the manufacturer of the truck if a malfunction caused the woman to get hit. When negligence is proven, loved ones of the deceased may receive compensation for the loss. While it does depend on how things truly happened, the family will likely want to pursue a lawsuit due to losing a loved one to such a senseless tragedy.

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