Woman Sues After Falling In Gas Station Restroom

August 9, 2013

Woman sues after falling in gas station restroom

A New Orleans woman recently sued a gas station, claiming that an overflowing toilet was responsible for her falling and injuring herself.

Although this happened in Louisiana and not in Pennysvalnia, we wanted to tell our Pittsburgh readers about it because it seems like the sort of premises liability incident that could happen just about anywhere, including here.

The woman was in a restroom in July 2012 when she slipped on a puddle of water. She claims that the puddle of water was caused by an overflowing toilet that gas station employees knew or should have known about. As a result of her slip and fall, she suffered injuries to her ribcage, ankle and knee. Sometimes, when people hear the phrase “slip and fall,” they think of skinned knees or bruised shins. This woman’s injuries show how the harm sustained in a slip and fall accident can be much more severe than that.

The woman is seeking damages for pain and suffering, disability and medical expenses.

In her lawsuit, she alleges the gas station failed to properly train its employees, allowed a dangerous situation to go on unaddressed and was negligent because it failed to maintain its premises in a safe manner.

If you are ever hurt on someone else’s property, it may be worth your time to investigate whether you might have any legal options. Not every premises liability lawsuit is successful, but when they are, the results can be very helpful to the innocent, injured plaintiff and his or her family.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Overflowing gas station toilet that allegedly resulted in woman’s slip and fall spawns lawsuit,” Yolanda Martinez, Aug. 7, 2013