Two Devastating Plant Accidents Being Investigated As Explosions

January 23, 2014

Two devastating plant accidents being investigated as explosions

Fires and explosions are some of the worst kinds of accidents that can occur. They leave behind ruined lives and ruined property, and can take out massive amounts of both in a single incident. Pittsburgh attorneys have dealt with many burn victims and their families to help them recover from such devastations. An explosion from gases or heating equipment can happen without any warning, giving victims no chance to escape.

Two plant accidents occurring in separate states within a 24-hour period have officials scrambling to determine the factors. One occurred in Nebraska and the other in Oklahoma. The cause of the accidents is still unsure, but they have left their mark on a number of victims and caused catastrophic damage to properties.

In Omaha, Nebraska, the second story of a feed plant collapsed during the morning. There are reports of an explosion being heard at the time of the collapse, but investigators are still not certain if there was an explosion or not. However, the collapse resulted in two fatalities and 10 injured victims. Some were buried under rubble.

The other accident occurred at Mid American Steel and Wire plant in Madill, Oklahoma, the same afternoon. A furnace exploded killing two workers. Oklahoma officials are trying to determine if the explosion was an accident or if it may have been intentional. The furnace was used for melting wire and metal products down.

OSHA has also been called in to investigate both accidents. When explosions or fires occur due to negligence or unsafe working conditions, the owners of the companies or property may find themselves being held accountable for damages to injured victims or families of those deceased. Unsafe facilities could also lead to premises liability suits.

Source:, “Four killed as explosions rip through plants in two U.S. states” Katie Schubert, Jan. 20, 2014