Truck Accidents Truck Drops Load Onto Occupied Car In Apollo

November 5, 2014

Truck Accidents: truck drops load onto occupied car in Apollo

When trucks are overloaded or are carrying heavy equipment and the driver fails to safely maneuver residential streets, the outcome can be devastating. Commercial tractor trailer drivers should know the details of their loads and understand the limits of their trucks to avoid truck accidents. Likewise, manufacturers who build lock straps and trailer hitches should ensure that they can in fact support the weight that they guarantee their products can support.

Early Monday morning, a commercial tractor trailer carrying a piece of heavy equipment crash along Route 56 in Apollo. Police say they were called shortly after 6:30 a.m. when the accident occurred.

Witnesses told reporters that the truck rounded the bend at an intersection when the heavy equipment rolled off the side of the trailer and landed on top of a car. The man sitting in the vehicle said that he was on his way to work as usual when he saw the machine start to tip. When he realized he had nowhere to go, the man said closed his eyes. 

When he reopened his eyes, the man says his entire dash was sitting on top of his lap and his legs were pinned underneath. One witness asked the man if he was alright and man told him, “…let’s just worry about getting me out.”

The man was injured and taken to Forbes Regional Hospital, but his injuries were classified as non-life-threatening, according to authorities. The man, a father of three and husband, told reporters later that he isn’t too sure he’ll use Route 56 any longer, but use a back way instead from now on.

Police say there was a flat tire when they investigated the scene, but have not ruled as to whether the tire had anything to do with the accident. There are currently no charges filed and no mention of OSHA performing its own investigation.

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