Time Limits for a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawsuit: Watch for the Statute of Limitations

February 22, 2019

what is the statute of limitations in pennsylvania

For any personal injury lawsuit, each state has its own set of rules on how long a victim is allowed to sue a potentially negligent party. This is known as a statute of limitations. The general rule of thumb is that the start date for a statute of limitations begins on the day of the accident that resulted in the personal injuries in question. From there, depending on the state, one has anywhere from one to six years to file a lawsuit. For Pennsylvania, this time limit is only two years. This is a very strict deadline, which means that if you file after two years, your case is almost guaranteed to be dismissed by the judge.


The Special ‘Delayed Discovery Rule’ That Gives Pennsylvania Victims More Time to Sue

There are special circumstances in which a statute of limitations can be adjusted. One of these special cases involves the Delayed Discovery Rule. This rule states that instead of the statute of limitations beginning on the day of the accident, it begins on the day of medical discovery and diagnosis of an injury or condition.

Not all injuries immediately present their symptoms after accidents. This can include traumatic brain injuries, concussions, soft tissue injuries such as torn muscles, hairline fractures in bones, herniated discs, internal bleeding, or certain injuries to the back or shoulders in which swelling took time to start causing obvious pain symptoms. It is still important to seek immediate medical attention following an accident. Otherwise, insurance companies can claim that delayed and discovered injuries are due to the victim’s own negligence in seeking medical care.

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