Some Safe Steps For Avoiding Slips And Falls

November 1, 2013

Some safe steps for avoiding slips and falls

Portions of southwestern Pennsylvania got nailed with some high winds and wet weather overnight. The Post-Gazette reports that officials have issued warnings for people to be cautious. Slick surfaces because of the mix of water and downed leaves could make for some slip and fall hazards.

Property owners have an obligation to do all they can to make sure that the conditions around their homes and businesses are safe. This is especially true as we begin to head into the cold of winter.

It’s apparently with all this in mind, and a desire to reduce risks of injury, that the Philadelphia Insurance Company recently issued a “Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Guide.” Here are some nuggets of information provided that it seems wise to share.

To begin with, the company points to National Safety Council data that states that slips and falls result in nearly 9 million people going to the emergency room each year. Some 25,000 people are killed in such accidents.

Among the biggest threats cited by the company is the array of seasonal conditions. Wet leaves, sidewalks that aren’t cleared of snow, and icy sidewalks from melting and refreezing can all combine to create dangerous situations. To be sure these don’t happen, the company suggests property owners:

  • Become aware of the causes and solutions for slip and fall conditions.
  • Ensure that conditions on walkways around properties are maintained.
  • Provide all staff and volunteers with training about slip and fall prevention.
  • Be prepared to treat parking lots and sidewalks as weather might dictate.
  • Have a clear plan of response if someone does slip and fall.

Slip and fall accidents can be prevented. When they occur due to property owner negligence, victims have a right to seek compensation for their injuries and owners should be prepared to be held accountable.