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Red Lobster Accused Of Over Serving A Customer Causing Injury

Establishments serving alcohol in Pennsylvania may be held liable for any injuries or deaths that occur in motor vehicle accidents occasioned by their over-serving customers. In one out-of-state case, a man recently filed a lawsuit on his own behalf and on behalf of his two sons after an allegedly intoxicated driver caused a motor vehicle accident. The father claims that a Red Lobster restaurant’s over-serving a customer led to the accident.

According to the lawsuit, Red Lobster sold alcohol to a customer one day in 2015. The customer then reportedly became drunk. Afterward, he became involved in a motor vehicle crash.

The crash reportedly resulted in injuries to the father and his two sons. The two sons are minors. As part of the dram shop lawsuit, the father is seeking $50,000 each for five separate counts, along with court costs.

When businesses knowingly serve too much alcohol to customers, they could be held financially responsible for injuries suffered by others in a car accident caused by the inebriated patron. Anyone injured by an intoxicated individual in this situation, or the surviving loved ones of a victim who died as a result of over-serving a customer, has the right to file liability claims in civil court for monetary damages against the business entity. Appropriate proof of negligence is needed to establish liability in such a case in the state of Pennsylvania. Once it has been established to the civil court’s satisfaction, claims for monetary damages may be adjudicated. A damage award may help to cover funeral costs, medical bills or other losses resulting from the incident.

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