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Rapper Claims Premises Liability Against Venue After Shooting

Some in Pennsylvania may feel that performers in the world of hip-hop are often create controversy. Currently, rapper Troy Ave is embroiled in legal issues stemming from a shooting incident at a recent concert in another state. While he is building a defense against accusations of his own criminal conduct, the rapper is also firm in his allegations that premises liability is the real reason for the incident.

Surveillance video shows Troy Ave shooting a gun backstage the night of the concert. However, Ave insists the gun was not his and that someone brought the gun into the concert venue. Ave himself was wounded when he was shot twice in the fracas. The rapper’s best friend and bodyguard died in the altercation, but Ave has not been charged with his death.

Troy Ave filed a lawsuit against the concert venue and its owners, citing inadequate security. He says if security had done proper searches at the VIP entrance, a person with a gun would not have been able to get in. Ave claims that it was the duty of the venue to provide security appropriate for a hip-hop concert. Additionally, as an invited performer, the rapper feels his injuries could have been prevented if the venue had done its job in protecting him.

Given the seriousness of the injuries and the fact that a person died, this premises liability claim may not be the only one that arises from this incident. Concerts have been known to turn deadly, and adequate security is essential to protect the public as well as the performers. People in Pennsylvania who attend concerts depend on the venues to provide safeguards against violent altercations. When injuries occur due to inadequate security, contacting a lawyer may be one of the next steps a person takes.

Source:, “Troy Ave Sues Live Nation, Irving Plaza After Concert Shooting“, Daniel Kreps, Aug. 8, 2016

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