Property Owners May Be Held Liable For Certain Events

January 9, 2015

Property owners may be held liable for certain events

As some in Pennsylvania may have already come to learn, home and business owners are expected by the law to remove or eliminate known dangers within their property’s premises if it can be reasonably expected that others will visit or patronize the property. Research indicates that more than a million Americans are harmed every year in preventable accidents that occur on others’ property. Preventable accidents are oftentimes a consequence of people neglecting to meet expectations as property owners. Yet, many victims do not understand their rights nor realize that they may have a valid legal complaint against the property owner.

Premises liability is the legal issue at hand in most cases. It applies not only to edifices and closed structures but also to parking lots, walkways and even grassy areas. Playground are also included, the liability of the city or school that owns it.

Maintaining the premises for safety is a chore that never ends for property owners, even in inclement weather. For instance, when the temperature drops and ice develops on walkways, the owner of a property has a responsibility to address the problem and ensure that the walkways are safe. When rainy weather results in water being tracked into a building, the property owner must take steps to keep the floors safe to navigate.

The injuries suffered on the premises of a dangerous property are typically unnecessary and could have been avoided but for the negligence of the property owner. Individuals who suffer such an injury may meet with our attorneys to discuss the case as well as their legal options as victims. Whether through litigation of pretrial negotiations, our lawyers may help victims of property owners’ negligence obtain due compensation. You can start the process by visiting our page on premises liability.