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Premises Liability Slip And Falls Are Sometimes Prevantable

Taking an unexpected tumble is never a pleasant experience. Slip and fall accidents in Pennsylvania may land a person in the emergency room with broken bones, a back injury or a concussion. While recovering from such an accident, a person may begin to wonder if he or she has a premises liability claim.

While determining the liability from a fall may be complicated, a judgment places much weight on common sense. Did either the property owner or the fall victim behave in an unreasonable manner resulting in the accident? For example, a property owner who is aware of a hazard but does not address it promptly may be considered to have acted negligently. Property owners are expected to correct any hazard or to sufficiently alert people of a hazard that cannot be immediately corrected.

On the other hand, a person who intentionally takes a risk, such as entering an area clearly marked dangerous, may also be considered to have acted unreasonably. A person who did not see a warning sign because he or she was texting while walking may have to address issues of contributory negligence, though monetary recovery may still be achievable. In a lawsuit, liability will be determined by examining the caution or recklessness of both the property owner and the victim.

A property owner in Pennsylvania who fails to install adequate lighting, clean up floor hazards or provide necessary security may certainly be responsible for any injuries suffered because of this neglect. Anyone who is injured from a fall may benefit from contacting a lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney will review the facts and determine if there is enough evidence to file a premises liability claim.

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