Popular Hair Dryer Being Recalled For Fire And Burn Risk

October 16, 2013

Popular hair dryer being recalled for fire and burn risk

It’s a common, everyday thing. You climb out of the shower and grab the hair dryer to get your coif in proper shape. The last thing anyone expects is that the device will short out, shoot out an internal part that could injure the user or catch fire and burn a person. It can happen, though, and those who suffer as a result have a right to seek compensation.

This is brought to the fore because of word that one of the nation’s foremost suppliers of hair dryers has issued a recall of about 570,000 units. The devices are the Infiniti Pro by Conair from the 259 and 279 model series. Specifically, the units covered are those with a single screw hole in the dryer’s handle. Some have two screws, but they are not being recalled.

A statement from the company issued earlier this week says that the problem is with small heater coils in the dryer’s barrel. If they happen to contact other nearby coils, they could short out, shooting the hot coils out of the device. The dryer could also pose a burn or fire hazard.

To date, Conair says 19 reports have been received from consumers related to coils shooting out. In one case, a fire was sparked and some property damage was reported, though it is said to have been minor. Three consumers who were burned had to seek medical care.

All the units were sold between August 2010 and August 2013 through various major retail beauty specialty shops. Consumers who may have one of the units are urged to stop using the defective product immediately and contact the company for a replacement.

If someone has already suffered damages or injury, the advice to follow would be to contact an attorney.