Pittsburgh Area Fire Called Suspicious

September 6, 2013

Pittsburgh area fire called suspicious

Following a recent fire in North Huntington that is just southeast of Pittsburgh several individuals were taken to the hospital. Officials state that the circumstances of the fire were suspicious. Police officers were continuing to interview witnesses at the time that this fire was reported, and there apparently have been a number of different accounts as to what may have occurred.

The building where the fire occurred was reportedly used for storage. However, the building apparently was also referred to as a hangout for teenagers. Neighbors in the area stated the teenage boys may actually have been living at the storage building. One of the teenagers was reportedly seen outside of the building at the time the fire was occurring, and witnesses state this individual may have been intoxicated.

In any case, the fire was apparently out of control by the time that fire department crews arrived at around 6:00 a.m. The two-story building ended up collapsing while the fire crew attempted to put the flames out. The flames were reportedly very high and intense.

When considering what occurred here one must take into account the responsibilities of property owner to keep their properties secure. We cannot afford to let others neglect their property. Property cannot be left abandoned or unsecured in order that other individuals can use the property for their own purposes. Such a situation can lead to accidents and fires occurring where innocent people are injured.

Experienced fire injury attorneys will do what they can to assist individuals and family members injured due to property owner neglect. Under premises liability theory, such attorneys can make a determination as to what party is responsible for such neglect, and what individuals can best compensate victims of this neglect.