Pennsylvania Truck Accidents Attorneys

April 13, 2015

Pennsylvania truck accidents attorneys

Truck accidents have been plaguing our area of late. It’s that time of year when construction gets underway after winter and more drivers make their way out, making all of our commutes just that much more difficult to and from school, and during our afternoon lunch breaks. Interstates 76, 79, 80, and 90 seem so much more busy and difficult to traverse. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck, it’s important that you lock down a trustworthy Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer to represent you against the trucking company, the driver, and any other third party that may be held accountable.

Two people were injured last week when a commercial tractor trailer hit a turn and rolled onto a pick-up truck on I-79 southbound near Sewickley. The accident happened at around 8 a.m., according to officials.

Police say that as the tractor-trailer was manipulating a bend in the road, its load flipped over, pinning a pick-up truck that had been driving alongside it up against the guardrail, trapping the driver of the pick-up truck inside. One witness told reporters that the man’s legs were trapped beneath the front dash and that it was a difficult space to work in because just beyond the guardrail where the truck was pinned was a steep embankment. The twenty degree grade may have done significantly more damage to the trapped man had the truck rolled down.

Later reports say that a garbage truck was coming around the bend at the same time of the tractor-trailer and that it may have in fact originally lost control, but there is no conclusive word at this time. Although county officials did say that there was only a minimal amount of waste spilled as a result of the accident.

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