Parents Of Injured Child File Suit Against Lowes

August 21, 2014

Parents of injured child file suit against Lowe’s

The parents of a young child are seeking compensation from a Pennsylvania hardware store for a 2012 incident that injured the boy. The Maryland couple named a Waynesboro Lowe’s Home Improvement store in a premises liability suit filed in August. They claimed that employees of the store were negligent in warning customers about a hazardous condition posed by a sale display, leading to their son’s injury.

The incident occurred on July 6, 2012, when the boy tripped over some heavy metal cables in the outdoor section of the store. The child broke his arm as a result of his fall. Paramedics took him to an area hospital. He was eventually transferred to the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Doctors at CNMC performed surgery on his injured arm. The accident caused the child to suffer severe pain, and the suit said that he had not yet fully recovered from the injury.

The cables that the child tripped over were intended to prevent theft of display items in the outdoor section of the store. The display items were part of a sale of lawnmower tractors, outdoor furniture, and fencing supplies and were all connected by the metal cables. The suit alleges that signs should have been displayed that indicated that the area was a hazard. The boy’s parents are seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

Young children who suffer serious injuries such as broken bones in slip-and-fall accidents in stores or other commercial properties often need expensive treatment. Pediatric surgery, post-operative care, and other treatments may send families deep into medical debt. Personal injury attorneys may be able to advise parents of injured children of their eligibility to seek compensation from store chains, property managers and other parties who may be liable for their children’s injuries.