Man Allegedly Slips And Falls On Video Stores Dangerous Property

March 6, 2015

Man allegedly slips and falls on video store’s dangerous property

When a Pennsylvania business owner fails to properly maintain his or her property during winter, a customer can easily slip and fall, suffering serious injuries. Common injuries stemming from falling on dangerous property include neck, spine, back and head injuries. One person in another state recently sued a video store after allegedly suffering a slip-and-fall accident leading to injury.

A man said he seriously injured his back after falling at a video store. He said he was trying to hop over piles of snow near the sidewalk of the store when he suffered his injuries. According to the man’s complaint, the incident has led to disfigurement and disability for him.

The man claimed that Family Video Movie Club acted negligently by piling up snow that had been shoveled and then leaving the mounds between the store’s parking lot and sidewalk. He said the snow mounds became an obstacle to him and other store patrons. The man is seeking more than $50,000 in the lawsuit.

Serious injuries resulting from a slip-and-fall accident on dangerous property can lead to pain and suffering, as well as emotional distress and hefty medical costs for an accident victim. The person may also lose wages due to not being able to work while healing from his or her injuries. An injured individual has the right to file a premises liability suit against the owner of the property who negligently failed to keep the property safe. Financial restitution can help to address the financial consequences of this type of accident in Pennsylvania.