Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries in PA

September 27, 2018

Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries in Pittsburgh, PA

Every year, thousands of workers in Pennsylvania suffer from a work-related injury. Sometimes, these injuries are severe and life changing. The public often wrongly assumes that the majority of these injuries stem from unsafe working conditions, but this isn’t always the case. The truth may surprise you.

What Causes the Most Common Workplace Injuries in PA?

According to statistics, the number-one cause of workplace injuries is overexertion. This factor alone caused an overwhelming 26.2 percent of all workplace-related injuries in 2016. Overexertion was the leading cause of work-related injury in 2016, and it has continuously remained in this lead position since at least 2005. Overexertion is defined as working beyond one’s physical capabilities, and this behavior often causes personal injuries when the individual is trying to lift, pull, push, wield, hold, carry, or throw objects. Overexertion can also occur when the worker is fatigued or attempting to perform a job they aren’t adequately trained to do. When a person’s physical demands are too high, the risk of back injury is significantly increased. Overexertion injuries may lead to symptoms like inflammation and swelling. Rest is often necessary for a proper recovery.

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