Who Should You Sue if You Slipped and Fell at Your Local Mall?

December 1, 2020

The holiday season is once again upon us. As Black Friday prices go down, the number of shoppers will surely go up. Just as you would expect, an increase in mall traffic in Pittsburgh and the surrounding towns also means an increase in mall-related accidents, especially slips and falls.

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Slip and fall accidents are nothing to joke about. While even minor falls can leave you with a few scrapes and bruises, slip and fall accidents can result in significant injuries to your back, shoulders and head. There are several reasons why falls seem more common during the holidays. One very important factor is the sharp increase in shoppers. The mall management and security may not be prepared to effectively handle this surge in shoppers. 

Here are a few other common causes of slip and fall accidents in malls: 

  • Cracked tiles 
  • Dropped items or debris 
  • Puddles or ice from outside 
  • Slippery tiles
  • And more

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Who Is Liable for Slip and Fall Injury Within a Pittsburgh Mall? 

At first glance, the answer may seem obvious: the mall owner of course. But what if the incident occurred inside a department store? Or what if you were injured by another shopper? Let’s break it down into different scenarios. 

  • Claims against the shopping mall owner or management company. The shopping mall management is directly responsible for public areas like hallways, parking lots, restrooms, food courts, elevators, and escalators. 
  • Claims against the retail store owner or management company. The retail store owner is directly responsible for ensuring your safety within the confines of their store. Therefore under Section 3 (1) of the Occupier’s Liability Act, you become their responsibility the second you walk through their door. 
  • Claims against manufacturers of defective equipment. This may be somewhat complicated because you have to prove that your injury was caused by a manufacturers fault and not simply negligence by the mall management 
  • Claims against individuals. You can file a claim against a private individual if you feel they directly caused your injury.

If you’re injured within a shopping mall you may have more than one claim. For instance, if you’re injured within a retail store your primary claim may be against the retail store owner or management and your secondary claim may be against the mall owner or management. These cases can be incredibly complex, so having an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side to help guide you through this process is essential. 

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