Fiery Crash In Findlay Township

December 13, 2017

car accident causes a fire Pittsburgh, PA

Last week, a terrifying fiery crash occurred in Findlay Township on Interstate 376. While traveling through a construction zone, one trooper noticed a vehicle in the emergency pull-off area with their hazard lights on. As the trooper slowed down to check on the vehicle, a Nissan Altima traveling too fast hit the cop’s vehicle from behind. Shockingly, the car immediately burst into flames. The quick-thinking trooper jumped out of his car and pulled the driver from the burning Nissan before it erupted into an engulfing fire. According to the trooper’s statement, the driver at fault was likely intoxicated.

Intoxicated motorists are one of the biggest factors that can contribute to a serious car accident. MADD statistics report that an astonishing 2,200 victims have been killed over the past five years in Pennsylvania due to an intoxicated driver causing a crash, and thousands more have been severely injured. When you’ve been injured as the result of an accident, it can be difficult to prove the driver was intoxicated unless the police gave the suspect an official test the night of the crash. For this reason, it’s extremely important to seek out an experienced attorney as soon as possible to conduct an independent investigation into the causes of the crash.

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