Delayed Injuries Are Common After a Pittsburgh Auto Accident

October 23, 2018

delayed injuries after a car accident Pittsburgh, PA

Car accidents are shocking, stressful, and even traumatic. Immediately following a car crash, your body may respond by pumping you full of important, life-saving chemicals like adrenaline. While these chemicals are crucial for human survival, they can be detrimental in identifying injuries because they often mask pain.

What Are the Most Common Delayed Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents in Pittsburgh, PA?

Your brain’s temporarily blocked pain sensors may initially reject the idea that you are hurt at all. However, symptoms of an injury could begin to appear hours, days, or even months later when your body has returned to a normal state of functioning.

Some of the most common delayed injuries resulting from a car crash include:

Sadly, some of the most serious and life-altering injuries, such as brain damage or personality changes, won’t become apparent until some time has passed. That is why it is important for anyone who has been involved in a car accident to seek medical attention and document everything.

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The prevalence of victims who suffer delayed injuries after auto accidents makes it apparent that victims probably should not settle for a compensation amount too quickly. Immediate medical treatment and follow-up care is crucial after any type of accident, especially a car accident that could result in whiplash injuries, head trauma, and other types of injuries with symptoms that are often delayed. Only when you are confident and certain of your injuries and overall losses from the accident should you begin the negotiation process.

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