The Most Dangerous Roads in Pennsylvania

September 5, 2017

roads that are dangerous to drive on in Pittsburgh, PA

Pennsylvania is the site of hundreds of car accidents every year, according to federal investigators. But some roads are the sites of more frequent accidents than others—and 33 of the most dangerous roads are located in the Pittsburgh area, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Here are some of the most dangerous roadways in the state, according to a WPXI Target 11 report:

Frankstown Road

Frankstown Road in Penn Hills topped the list of the most dangerous roads, with 77 accidents and three deaths over the past five years. Local residents blame speeding for many of the accidents, and some have even petitioned the local government for better enforcement of speed limits in the area.

Route 28

Vying for the title of most dangerous road in the Pittsburgh area is Route 28, which had 147 injury-causing accidents over the past five years—although fewer fatalities occurred on Route 28 in that time than on Frankstown Road.

Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh’s Fifth Avenue saw 131 accidents over the past five years, placing it in the top three most dangerous Pittsburgh-area roads, according to WXPI. Despite having more accidents than Frankstown Road, it escaped the number-one spot on the list because fewer of those accidents proved fatal.

Saw Mill Run Boulevard

Saw Mill Run Boulevard is the number-one spot in the state for rear-end accidents, according to the Department of Transportation report. The area racked up 188 accidents over five years, many of which involved rear-end crashes.

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