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Citys Alleged Dangerous Property Caused Injuries To Man

When a person in Pennsylvania is on someone else’s property and gets hurt because the property was not maintained, this can affect the individual not only physically but also financially in the form of medical bills. One person in an out-of-state case recently sued a city after reportedly suffering an injury at a city park. The injury that the man suffered on allegedly dangerous property resulted in thousands of dollars in health care bills.

The man said he visited the park one day with his kids. He then heard a noise and looked above him. He claimed that at that time, the limb of an ash tree fell down and hit his head. The man said the impact caused his skull to fracture. He thus had to get a metal plate placed into his skull.

According to the man’s claim, his medical costs have surpassed $40,000. The man said that the base of the tree was visibly rotten and thus was a hazardous condition — one that the city should have known about. More specifically, city leaders reportedly knew about emerald ash borers, which destroy ash trees, and thus should have removed the park’s ash trees.

The owner of a property is responsible for ensuring that the property is kept up. If this fails to happen and a person is injured on the dangerous property, the victim has the right to file a premises liability claim. A financial award may help the victim to cover medical costs and other costs related to the dangerous property condition in Pennsylvania.

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