Caution When Posting To Facebook When Pursuing A Personal Injury Case

October 25, 2017

be careful using facebook during a personal injury case Pittsburgh, PA

One of the most unprecedented trends of the modern digital age is the tendency to record our daily interactions, thoughts, and opinions on the internet. Social media has become ever-present in our everyday lives. The impact of social media is so far-reaching that even those who refuse to actively participate in the trend have been widely influenced by its effects on political systems, the media industry, and evolving social movements. The incredible prevalence of status updates, selfies and file sharing has left the majority of the public either uneducated or willfully ignorant to the potential threats social media poses to an individual’s privacy rights.

An individual’s right to privacy is never more important than when fighting a case in criminal or civil court. When fighting a personal injury case, you must remember that everything you post publicly can potentially be used against you by insurance companies looking to renege on paying your claim. The first step in securing your Facebook account is to adjust privacy settings to privatize any past and future posts, your “friends list” and any pages you “like”. Next, browse through your “friends list” to verify you personally know everyone who can see your information. Be cautious of accepting friend requests from profiles that raise suspicion even when the name seems familiar. After implementing these steps, it is still important to never discuss your accident, claim, case, medical appointments, medical records or attorney communications on any social media platform. Data brokers and third-parties can still access any information discussed on Facebook and are legally allowed to sell this information to insurance companies.

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