Bus at Stop Light Suddenly Falls in Pittsburgh Sinkhole

October 31, 2019

bus falls in sinkhole Pittsburgh, PA

Sinkhole in Pittsburgh, PA

Have you heard about the worldwide increase in sinkholes? Recently, one made its appearance right in the middle of a roadway in Pittsburgh.

This strange, yet increasing, phenomena shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only are sinkholes happening more often, but they’re also getting stronger. Americans have been injured by getting sucked into these sinkholes. Want to learn more about the recent Pittsburgh sinkhole and how to recover financially after a sinkhole-related injury? You’ll find all the answers below.

Sinkhole Appears in Pittsburgh

So, what happened recently? On October 28th, Pittsburgh commuters were shocked to witness a full-sized bus suddenly sinking into a massive hole. The backside of the bus suddenly started to sink deeper and deeper into the Earth, while the front end of the bus began lifting into the air.

The scary situation all unfolded as the bus sat at a red light. The bus driver and a single passenger were on board, but thankfully, both were able to make a safe exit. The passenger did sustain minor injuries.

The bus, on the other hand, had to be pulled out of the hole with the assistance of a tow truck.

Why Should I Care About Sinkholes?

Why is this story so important? It may come as a surprise, but the planet is experiencing a drastic increase in sinkhole-related activity. Within the past few years, sinkholes have claimed entire cars and condos throughout multiple states.

Typically, these sinkholes appear gradually. More recently, though, they’ve been sudden and destructive. According to geologists, they’re also starting to appear in the “wrong” places. What’s causing them to unexpectedly appear? Experts say it’s a nationwide problem that deals with neglected drain and sewer pipes and crumbling water.

You’re no longer safe from sinkholes simply based on where you live.

Sinkhole-Related Injuries and Claims

Sadly, there have been fatalities associated with the sudden appearance of sinkholes. Others have become seriously injured or lost a significant amount of property. How do these victims recover financially after a sinkhole accident?

Depending on your situation, it may be possible to seek financial recovery through a personal injury lawsuit. If a sinkhole appeared on public property as a result of negligent city maintenance, then it’s advised you seek out advice from an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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