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How do fire scene investigations work?

As you might expect, not just anyone can enter the scene of a fire and determine what caused the incident. In fact, it takes training and experience to uncover clues about the origins of fires or explosions leading to a fire. Large cities like Pittsburgh typically take fire scene investigation seriously, whether the fire was accidental or intentional.

A reminder that fires or explosions still take Pennsylvania lives

If history has taught Pittsburgh residents one important lesson, it is not to underestimate the danger of fires or explosions. It was a hard-won lesson, but it still resonates in all of our minds. Two major historical events served to teach us this lesson: the Great Fire of 1845 and the Equitable Gas explosion of 1927.

Pennsylvania Borough worker dead after an explosion

The long history of Pennsylvania is rife with stories about the devastation fires or explosions can cause. Advancements in the safety and technology of these modern times means less explosions occur, but accidents do still happen. No one knows this better right now than the residents of Factoryville, Pennsylvania, who are mourning the loss of a valued neighbor and municipal worker.

Samsung cell phone explosions spark unprecedented recall

One of the most highly anticipated smartphones to hit the market is now at the center of an unprecedented worldwide recall. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has voluntarily recalled its popular Galaxy Note 7 phone in the United States and nine other countries. However, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission expects to issue an official recall of the defective and dangerous product. Consumers in Pennsylvania should be aware that the lithium-ion batteries in the phones have been reported to cause explosions and fires.

Airbag explosions prompt massive investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expanding its investigation into airbags that rupture and cause injuries and death. Over 100 million vehicles around the world are equipped with airbags that may have a design flaw that is causing explosions. Drivers in Pennsylvania and beyond may be receiving recall notices if their vehicles carry these airbags.

After explosions, Pennsylvania families deal with aftermath

Recently, firefighters responded late one evening to an explosion at a Pennsylvania home. When they arrived, they saw that the house was completely destroyed. The force of the blast had blown sections of the building nearly 150 feet away and shook the walls of neighboring homes. The residents of the home, a couple and their two children, were trapped in the rubble; in fact, the woman was pinned under a wall and had to be extricated by firefighters. Having seen explosions like this before, firefighters expected the worst.

Fire in Bellevue a Tragic Reminder to Check Smoke Alarms

The fire that killed the Lasch family is a tragic reminder to check your smoke alarms.  While the investigation is still ongoing, the family died from smoke inhalation.  There may not have been working smoke alarms in the home.  It appears that the home was a rental property.  In Pennsylvania, the landlord is responsible for making sure there are working smoke alarms on each floor of a rental property.

Wrongful death claims possible after recent tragic accident

When bus accidents happen as a result of careless bus drivers in Pennsylvania, the injuries caused to passengers and other motorists on the road tend to be severe and even fatal.  In one recent out-of-state case, a bus accident led to the deaths of multiple people and injures to many others. In this type of situation, the bus driver may potentially be held liable through wrongful death claims filed by the victims’ loved ones.

Filing lawsuits after fires or explosions

When homes in Pennsylvania are subject to fires or explosions, the resulting losses are sometimes difficult to come to terms with. Not only can loved ones and family pets perish in the blaze, but irreplaceable items with great sentimental value may be lost forever. Even if all family members escape a fire without injury, the following weeks and months can be extremely challenging. If you have experienced a house fire, your budget may be stretched to breaking point by the need to replace numerous items at one time. You may also be forced to deal with the upheaval of living in temporary accommodation if the damage to your home was severe.

Christmas Eve explosion & fire still under investigation

Fires or explosions can devastate families around the holidays and during the winter months. While some fires or explosions are born from manmade acts of negligence, others are caused by a defective product or manufacturing issue that was eventually bound to prove costly. If you've been injured in fires or explosions, you may have a personal injury claim against a manufacturer or an owner or landlord of a property.

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