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Teenager killed in natural gas explosion near Pittsburgh

As different types of energy have been sought across the world, natural gas has become an increasingly common source of power generation. According to the Energy Information Administration, natural gas production will likely increase significantly in the coming decades. In 2010, around 113 trillion cubic feet of natural gas was produced – by 2040, that figure is expected to rise to 185 trillion cubic feet. In the United States, the Energy Information Administration expects natural gas production to increase by 164 percent during the next 15 years.

Despite its expected increase in production, natural gas poses dangers to homeowners across the United States. Recently, a family who had just moved into a home about one hour from Pittsburgh suffered significant losses following a natural gas explosion in their home.

According to law enforcement officials who responded to the scene, the natural gas explosion was extremely severe, leveling the home the family had moved into just months before. Tragically, one of the family’s three children was killed in the explosion. In addition, both parents and another child suffered injuries as a result of the explosion.

The explosion was so severe that neighbors 10 miles away from the site indicated they could feel the shock from the blast. Very little of the family’s home remained, while insulation from the home was found in trees over 50 yards from the site of the explosion.

Reportedly, a neighbor called 911 just 30 minutes prior to the natural gas explosion. He told officials that he could detect an odor of gas near his home. Unfortunately, the action was not taken in time to prevent the serious explosion.

The neighbor took appropriate action, reporting the odor of gas as soon as it was detected. In cases where individuals need to dig near their home, the National Volunteer Fire Council recommends calling 811 to ensure a pipeline is not hit while the project is being completed.

Consult with an attorney after a natural gas home explosion

Natural gas explosions can lead to severe injuries that can require significant medical interventions. Individuals caught in fires caused by such explosions can suffer serious burns. In the worst cases, such explosions can lead to fatalities.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a natural gas explosion, you may be entitled to damages as a result of the serious harm caused. In such cases, you should seek the counsel of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

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