Helping Pittsburgh Workers And Members Of The Public Recover For Construction Site Injuries

Premises Liability: Pennsylvania Property Owners And Their Duty

We've all seen construction sites. Driving or walking by in the midst of a construction project, hazardous equipment, large holes or trenches and all sorts of debris are scattered around.

Under the law, construction site owners or managers have a duty to make sure the area is safe for visitors or those likely to enter the property. If they fail to implement safety measures or provide proper warning about property hazards they could be responsible under the theory or premises liability if a person is injured.

Helping Injured Workers

Injured workers are the most vulnerable to injury simply because of the time they spend on construction sites. Many unnecessarily suffer injuries from collapsed cranes, trenches that have caved in or defective safety harnesses.

Recovery For Members Of The Public

In other situations, members of the public suffer injuries because of unsecured dugouts or channels or unsupervised equipment or materials. Some have even lost their lives due to unsafe zones.

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