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Woman Says Dangerous Property At Condo Caused Her Injuries

Pennsylvania business property owners and managers are responsible for keeping their grounds safe. Otherwise, those walking on the property can easily injure themselves, particularly by slipping and then falling on dangerous property. One woman in a different state recently suffered injuries in an apparent slip-and-fall accident on the property of a condo and has sued the condo association as well as two insurance companies.

The woman said she was a condo association resident and was leaving her building one day. Unfortunately, she slipped and fell on some stairs. The woman said the stairs were slippery after having been freshly painted.

According to the complaint, it was not easy to see the paint, and no signs had been placed in the vicinity to warn about the hazard. The woman claims that she ended up falling backwards and landed on her rear. Thus, she suffered injuries to the buttocks, back and neck. In her suit, she has accused the condo association of negligence. She is seeking financial damages for medical expenses as well as mental anguish and physical suffering.

People who suffer injuries because a Pennsylvania property owner did not exercise a reasonable degree of care in maintaining the property have the right to file a premises liability claim seeking the reimbursement of damages stemming from the injury-causing incident. In a situation involving allegedly dangerous property, it necessary for the plaintiff to provide appropriate proof of negligence on the part of a property owner. A civil court in Pennsylvania will decide monetary damage claims when liability has been established in accordance with applicable laws.

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