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Woman Files Premises Liability Lawsuit Against Tj Maxx

A slip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania that takes place in a split second may cause injuries that last a lifetime. One woman in another state recently experienced this scenario after reportedly slipping and falling at a TJ Maxx store. She has filed a premises liability suit against the company in light of her permanent injuries.

According to her suit, the woman was shopping one day at the retail store. She then suddenly slipped after stepping in a big puddle. The woman said she ended up falling to the floor and suffering severe injuries that have caused her to become permanently disabled.

The woman said the TJ Maxx store did not respond to the property’s unsafe conditions. It also allowed unsafe conditions to exist at the store. The woman accused the store of negligent supervision and not warning patrons of the puddle-related hazard. The woman said the store also did not correct the hazard in a timely manner. The plaintiff is suing both the store and its insurer.

As part of her suit, the woman is seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering as well as physical injuries. Damages are furthermore being sought for medical expenses, lost wages, the loss of earning capacity, the loss of the enjoyment of life, permanent disability and inconvenience. It is within the rights of any person who has been injured at a business due to a business owner’s negligence to explore all of his or her legal options in an effort to address the issue, which may include filing a premises liability lawsuit against the company in Pennsylvania.

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