Woman Claims She Slipped On Black Ice On Dangerous Property

March 13, 2015

Woman claims she slipped on black ice on dangerous property

When a person slips and falls on ice in Pennsylvania, the incident can deal a blow to the person not only physically but also financially. One woman in an out-of-state case is currently suing a plowing company after she said she slipped and fell on dangerous property. The incident reportedly occurred in the parking lot of a hospital.

The woman said she was getting out of her car in the hospital’s parking area when she fell on black ice. She claimed the fall caused her to fracture her right ankle. According to her complaint, she also incurred medical bills, endured disfigurement and disability, and ended up experiencing pain and suffering.

The woman said the plowing company was at fault since it did not correctly clear the black ice. She said the company piled snow in a vicinity in which it knew this snow would end up melting, and it did not salt the parking lot properly. The company has denied its liability in this case, saying that the accident was a result of the woman not exercising ordinary care and not properly looking out for parking lot conditions that might have been hazardous to her.

The woman is seeking over $50,000 in her premises liability case. When a person falls on dangerous property in Pennsylvania because a business has failed to keep its property clear and safe for pedestrians, the injured individual has the right to seek legal recourse. Financial restitution from a case that is litigated successfully, based on a showing of negligence, may help the injured party to address his or her financial losses stemming from the incident.