Woman Claims She Fell Due To Gas Stations Dangerous Property

February 26, 2015

Woman claims she fell due to gas station’s dangerous property

A sudden fall in Pennsylvania can dramatically impact a person’s life, leading to injuries that can require a large amount of time and money to address. One person in another state recently fell on what she calls dangerous property at a gas station. The woman is now suing the local service station as a result of the injuries she blames on the fall.

According to her complaint, the woman said she tripped over a raised metal cover that was embedded in concrete in the gas station parking lot. She said she had just completed pumping her gasoline and was going toward the station’s building when she fell. She said the fall was violent, thus leading to injuries she considers severe.

The woman has accused the gas station of not providing an environment that is safe for patrons. She said the business did not warn customers about the premises’ unsafe conditions, and, in addition, it failed to maintain its property. She is suing the gas station, the food mart associated with the gas station and their insurer.

In her lawsuit, the woman is seeking damages for both physical and mental pain and suffering. She is also pursuing financial damages for the loss of her wages, as well as medical expenses. If a person becomes injured as a result of a fall on dangerous property belonging to a business, he or she has the right to seek justice through the Pennsylvania civil court system. It is necessary to establish the business’s financial responsibility for the injuries through competent proof of negligence in order for a judge to award compensation for the victim’s claims for damages.