Top Three Types of Car Accident Injuries

March 12, 2020

common types of car accident injuries Pittsburgh, PA

Statistics show that a car accident occurs about every 16 minutes across the nation. As a result of these accidents, thousands of individuals suffer injuries. For many, these injuries are minor and don’t require any type of medical care. For others, though, their injuries can be substantial and life-altering. Learn more about the top three types of car accident injuries below.

1. Head Injuries

When you get into a collision, your body goes from traveling at the speed of your car to a complete stop in an instant. That means your neck and head will experience some serious strain, and your head may even impact the steering wheel, a window or something else in the vehicle.
If your head smashes into something else, then you could suffer a traumatic brain injury. You could get a concussion, or you could suffer lacerations near your skull. Any type of head injury should be checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage could get infinitely worse over time. In the worst cases, brain damage can be permanent and have life-long impacts on the victim.

2. Cervical Strain/Sprain Injuries (commonly referred to as Whiplash Injuries)

Another injury that’s common after an accident are cervical strain/sprain injuries (commonly referred to as whiplash injuries). These types of injuries occur when your neck or upper back suffer a soft-tissue injury. The muscles and ligaments get stretched during the crash, which can lead to significant pain and limited mobility.
Your neck and upper back aren’t the only areas that could suffer a soft-tissue injury, though. Soft-tissue injuries happen when any of your body’s connective tissues are damaged. Any of your muscles, tendons or ligaments could be affected.

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3. Fractures, Broken Bones and Lacerations

Car accidents also frequently cause fractures or broken bones. Often, a person’s arms, hands or legs break when they’re slammed into a car door or trapped in between crushed car parts. You could also suffer broken ribs, fingers, ankles or knees due to the impact.

During a crash, a car’s windshield and windows often break. This glass gets thrown around the vehicle and can cause serious cuts all over your body. These types of injuries can range from mild to severe.

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