Tips for Avoiding a School Bus Accident

September 14, 2022

Tips for Avoiding a School Bus Accident

School buses represent one of the best transportation options for getting kids to school, as they eliminate the need for parents to drive their vehicles to school and keep kids off the road where they might be involved in a bicycle or pedestrian accident. However, school bus accidents do occur. These accidents can even lead to serious injuries for children. Furthermore, children can also be hurt in motor vehicle-related accidents while walking to and from the bus stop or waiting for the school bus. 

Below are some important tips to convey to your kids who ride the bus to school to help avoid being involved in an accident, as well as tips for you to follow while driving your vehicle to better share the road with school buses. 

Tips for Children

Important tips for kids include:

  • Leave early to get to the bus stop on time, so that kids do not need to run to the bus stop and potentially expose themselves to a slip or trip and fall accident or being hit by a car if they run across the street
  • Exercise caution while waiting at the bus stop; this includes avoiding horseplay, which may cause injuries in a fall or by stepping into the path of oncoming traffic, and staying several feet away from the edge of the road so that they can avoid being clipped by a passing vehicle
  • If you need to cross the street, do so at an intersection or a marked crosswalk
  • Never walk behind the school bus; stay in front of the bus where the driver can see you
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and for the bus driver to open the door before approaching the bus; use the handrail while boarding, and fasten seat belts if available
  • Remain seated on the bus until it arrives at school and comes to a complete stop; do not get up and walk around the bus or kneel or stand on the seats

Tips for Drivers

Tips drivers should follow to help reduce the risk of a school bus accident include:

  • Proceed cautiously whenever you see a bus, as child pedestrians may be around; you should give yourself the ability to react and slow down or stop if a child steps out in front of your vehicle
  • Give school buses space to pick up or drop off students; also remember that buses make frequent stops, including stopping at all railroad crossings
  • Avoid distracted driving behaviors, including texting while driving, eating or drinking, or grooming
  • Make sure that your complete attention is on the road when you approach or drive through school zones
  • Remember that you may not pass a stopped school bus with its signal arms extended, including if you are traveling in the opposite direction; you may only pass a stopped school bus traveling in the opposite direction when you are on a divided highway with a barrier or median – this law is intended to protect children getting off the bus who may cross the street in front of the bus, where drivers behind the school bus may not see those children

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