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Tavern Accused Of Over Serving A Customer Causing Battery

In Pennsylvania, if an establishment that serves alcohol over-serves customers and the customers end up causing harm to other people, the establishment itself may be held financially responsible. In another state, a husband and wife recently decided to sue a tavern for over-serving a customer, thus allowing the customer to become drunk and attack the husband. The couple alleged that the tavern violated the Dram Shop Act.

According to the lawsuit, the husband was battered by the intoxicated customer at the tavern. The plaintiffs claimed that the tavern should not have given the customer so much alcohol. The tavern is also accused of not providing enough security for other customers.

Based on the suit, the husband experienced pain and suffering, medical costs and loss of normal life as a result of the battery. He is also said to have suffered from disability and disfigurement. The couple is suing for damages plus court costs.

Businesses that serve alcohol are expected to exercise reasonable caution when it comes to over-serving a customer. If they fail to do so and someone ends up getting hurt on their properties by a drunk patron, the injured party may choose to file a personal injury claim against the establishment, pursuing financial damages. An understanding of which facts must be proved is necessary to prevail in this type of civil court case in Pennsylvania. A successfully fought claim may result in a damage award that may help the plaintiff cover his or her related medical costs, the loss of wages and other losses tied to the incident.

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