Surprising Facts About Slip And Fall Accidents

April 25, 2017

slip and fall accident facts Pittsburgh, PA

“Slipping and falling is not a big problem for adults.” If you agreed with this statement, it might surprise you to know that it is not true. Sure, everyone has slipped, fallen and skinned a knee or two as a child, but an alarming number of adults have experienced slip-and-fall accidents as well, often leading to serious injury or death.

Slips-and-falls can happen in your home, on a sidewalk or in a Pittsburgh business establishment. Believing that you are immune to such an incident can be a mistake. Below are a few facts about slip-and-fall accidents that many Pennsylvania residents find surprising.

— About five percent of slip-and-fall victims suffer bone fractures.

— Research indicates that floors and flooring materials are direct factors in over two million slip and fall injuries annually.

— More than 20 percent of slip-and-fall accidents led to over a month of missed work.

— Falling is the leading cause of hospital emergency room visits.

— Hip fractures suffered in slip-and-fall accidents are typically quite serious.

— Sixty percent of all fall fatalities involve people 75 years old or older.

— Falling is the second leading cause of brain and spinal cord injury in citizens over the age of 65.

— More than 60 percent of nursing homes residents fall on an annual basis.

— Occupational slip-and-fall accidents are the leading cause of missed work.

Making the premises safe for visitors, customers and guests is a property owner’s responsibility. If you have suffered injuries in a slip-and-fall accident on another person’s property, it is wise to consult an attorney to discuss your legal options.