Six People Died In A House Fire In Mckeesport On Saturday

October 21, 2014

Six people died in a house fire in McKeesport on Saturday

We hear about all kinds of fires and all different reasons for what may have started them. Fires can be very devastating and can cause a family or a business to lose everything. They can spread quickly giving whoever or whatever may be trapped inside very little time to try to escape.

This past Saturday in McKeesport, four children and two adults were killed in a house fire. At this time, the cause of the fire is unknown, but will be under investigation to determine what started it. The autopsies revealed that all six of the victims suffered smoke and fume inhalation. The carbon monoxide levels in their blood shows that they were all unconscious before the flames took over the house.

One of the family members was able to escape the house and remains in critical condition at UPMC Mercy. The 23-year-old is in a medically induced coma and doesn’t even know that he has lost his 27-year-old wife, his father, and their four children age’s seven to two. The survivor’s father had previously suffered a stroke, was paralyzed on his left side, and was in a wheelchair.

The Allegheny County Fire Marshall believes that the mother and all four children were in an upstairs bedroom while the father-in-law was in a room just inside the front door. The survivor sustained burns to over 55% of his body, on his back, torso, and his feet.

Although the cause of the fire has not been determined, they are all tragic. Some of the most tragic fires are caused by defective products like heaters, home appliances, and smoke detectors. There is nothing more devastating than a fire which could have been prevented.