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Samsung Cell Phone Explosions Spark Unprecedented Recall

One of the most highly anticipated smartphones to hit the market is now at the center of an unprecedented worldwide recall. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has voluntarily recalled its popular Galaxy Note 7 phone in the United States and nine other countries. However, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission expects to issue an official recall of the defective and dangerous product. Consumers in Pennsylvania should be aware that the lithium-ion batteries in the phones have been reported to cause explosions and fires.

Samsung claims to be working with the government in encouraging people to stop using the phones. The company is rushing replacement phones to customers and offering gift cards to those who exchange their Galaxy Note 7 devices. Nevertheless, product liability experts note that the recall will financially damage Samsung, and lawsuits are already being filed. The media is following numerous reports of houses and vehicles being consumed by fire after cell phone explosions.

As devastating to the company as the bad press may be, the recent ban of Galaxy Note 7 phones from airlines across the world may be worse. In this country alone, over 171 incidences of smoke, fire or explosions were reported on airlines. Several times the occurrences forced emergency landings. The airline industry is attempting to limit the use of lithium-ion batteries and has already banned other devices that use the unstable power source.

The cell phone is such a natural and necessary part of daily life that consumers in Pennsylvania depend on its safety. Many people carry their phones in their pockets or in their hands. Those who charge their phones at night often do so with the device close to their beds. Explosions or fires from lithium-ion batteries could be devastating to anyone using phones in this manner. It is not out of the question for reports to begin surfacing of serious injuries caused by these defective phones.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Samsung, U.S.: Stop Using Galaxy 7 Note Phones Over Fire Risk“, Se Young Lee and Jeffrey Dastin, Sept. 9, 2016

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