Recovering Financially After Amputation Injuries

April 30, 2019

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Amputation Impact and Statistics

On average, about 30,000 traumatic amputations will occur annually throughout the nation. These types of amputation injuries happen when a victim is so severely injured that they are forced to lose a body part. While many assume amputations only include legs or arms, many other body parts may be amputated including ears, fingers, the nose or any other body part. Losing these important appendages is often life-altering. Amputation injuries can happen in a number of situations, but victims are able to pursue compensation in many cases.

Common Causes of Amputation Injuries

Amputations may be medically necessary in a number of situations including:

Of all the causes for amputation, motor vehicle accidents are the most common. About one of every four traumatic amputation procedures occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

Recovering Financially from Amputation Injuries

Amputation is usually seen as a last resort, and surgeons will rarely undertake such an endeavor unless it is necessary to preserve the person’s life. Regardless of what caused the amputation, these types of surgeries usually require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. These expenses, alongside a loss of income, can be devastating to an already recovering amputation victim. In addition, victims suffer a host of pain and suffering issues due to amputation injuries. In many cases, victims experience what is called phantom limb syndrome, which means the victim’s brain still perceives the limb attached to the body. This syndrome makes it increasingly difficult to learn to cope with living without the lost appendage.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the amputation injury, victims may be able to recover financially from these losses in court. Liability for the losses associated with an injury hinges on where the accident occurred and each party’s respective negligence. If the accident was work-related, then the victim may need to pursue compensation through workers’ compensation. If the accident occurred outside of the workplace, then it may be possible to sue the negligent party in court. Keep in mind that courtrooms may analyze how your own carelessness contributed to your injury before awarding compensation.

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