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Premises Liability Suit Filed Against Sorority

When someone in Pennsylvania fails to take care of his or her property adequately, an individual visiting the property may end up being hurt, which can be grounds for a lawsuit. One member of a university sorority in another state filed a legal suit against the sorority after her Achilles tendon ended up being severed in the sorority residence’s doorway. The two parties recently settled the premises liability case out of court.

In the complaint, which was filed in August of 2015, the former sorority member who was injured at the residence filed a suit against both the local sorority chapter and the national organization. According to the suit, the woman was leaving the house’s front door and had positioned one leg in front of it while getting luggage from the home. The door then allegedly closed on the woman’s leg, cutting her Achilles tendon.

In the lawsuit, the woman alleged premises liability and negligence. She claimed the incident caused her to suffer major medical bills. She also alleged that she experienced pain and suffering due to the injury.

Property owners in Pennsylvania are responsible for making sure that their properties are safe for other people to use. When this fails to happen, the property owners may be held liable for any injuries that occur on their properties as a result of their negligence. A person who suffers an injury on dangerous property has the right to file a premises liability claim against the property owner, seeking damages that — if achieved — may help to cover medical costs and other related losses.

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