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Premises Liability Suit Filed Against Kmart

A Pennsylvania slip and fall accident that takes place in a split second may result in injuries that last a lifetime. One woman in another state recently claims she slipped and fell on the dangerous property of a Kmart store and suffered injuries as a result. She has thus filed a premises liability lawsuit against the business, citing breach of duty and negligence.

The woman asserts that she was shopping at the Kmart one day when she suddenly slipped on a wet concrete floor. The accident reportedly occurred as she was leaving the store’s bathroom. She claims the fall caused her to become unconscious when her head struck the floor. When she regained consciousness and attempted to stand up, she apparently ended up falling again.

According to the lawsuit, Kmart did not ensure that its property was reasonably safe for customers. The store is also blamed for not warning people on the property about any unsafe conditions. It is alleged that the fall caused the woman to endure physical pain and emotional distress.

The woman claims the slip and fall accident additionally resulted in mental anguish for her and caused her to lose the enjoyment of life. She reported that loss of income, inconvenience and medical expenses also resulted from the accident. As part of her premises liability claim, the woman seeks a judgment for monetary damages along with attorney fees and court costs. Any Pennsylvania business that fails to maintain its property in a proper manner, resulting in harm to a customer, may be found responsible for an accident victim’s financial losses.

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