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Premises Liability Suit Filed Against Gas Station

Dangerous property at a business in Pennsylvania can cause a person to suffer major injuries during a routine trip to the store. One man in a recent out-of-state case said he fell while at a gas station. He has accused the store of being negligent and has thus filed a premises liability claim against it.

The man said he went to the store one day to fill up the gas tank in his car. However, he was unable to see ice around the gas pumps at the store, and he slipped on it. The man said the business’s failure to get rid of the ice near the pumps caused him to fall.

The fall reportedly resulted in both emotional and physical injuries for the man. According to the lawsuit, the man also experienced pain and suffering in addition to suffering the loss of consortium with both his wife and his newborn child. The man’s wife claimed that she suffered the loss of consortium with the man in addition to suffering physical and emotional illness.

In the premises liability lawsuit, the couple is seeking compensatory damages along with punitive damages to be proved at a jury trial. Punitive damages are sometimes awarded in cases of egregious fault. Any person in Pennsylvania who has suffered injuries as a result of the carelessness of a business property owner has the right to seek to hold that property owner accountable through the civil court system. Even though monetary compensation cannot reverse the events that have caused an individual to suffer potentially life-changing injuries, it may help to cover unexpected expenses and serve as restitution for financial damages incurred.

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