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Premises Liability Filed Against Stadium After Man Dies

Concerts are a great way to celebrate with friends. When there are food and drinks combined with good music, everyone can have a good time. Stadium events in Pennsylvania and across the country can accommodate thousands of people who share a common enthusiasm for the headline act. However, if the stadium does not take precautions for the safety of its guests, the fun may end with wrongful death and premises liability claims.

Recently, a man attended a country music concert at a stadium venue in another state. At the end of the evening, his friends reported him missing. A search of the stadium turned up no sign of him. A few days later, the man’s body was found at the local landfill, and the investigation of his death led authorities back to the stadium.

Apparently the man, who had been drinking at the event, went to the upper deck of the stadium. He entered a room that should have been locked as a security precaution. Maintenance staff allegedly knew the lock on the door to the room was not working properly, but no one had repaired it.

In the room was a garbage chute in the wall into which crews could drop trash directly to the basement five stories below. Although the chute was also supposed to be locked, it was not. It is believed that the man fell into the chute and plummeted to his death 50 feet below.

The family of the man believes the venue is responsible for the man’s death because they served alcohol but did not provide safety and protection for those who were drinking. The man’s family is seeking compensation from the venue and staffing service for premises liability and the wrongful death of their loved one. Similarly, people in Pennsylvania and beyond are within their rights to consult an attorney if they have been injured or have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a property owner.

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