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Premises Liability Due To Inadequate Security

Premises liability covers a wide range of incidents that could cause a person to suffer from injuries, including inadequate security measures. While it can be a complex area of the law when it comes to proving fault, you only need to understand a few things to know if you have grounds for a claim. We hope this blog post about inadequate security will help you determine if you can seek a legal remedy for your injuries.

All property owners have a duty to make certain their premises remain reasonably safe for visitors. When a property owner fails to do so and a person becomes injured, the owner may be held liable. Having adequate security is an important element in preserving safety for everyone. A few examples of good security include proper lighting, functioning locks, surveillance cameras and the presence of security staff.

The right security measures provide many benefits. They keep you safe from the risk of being attacked by third parties and can even help you avoid a slip-and-fall or other kind of accident. Anytime you occupy a public space such as a hotel, a nightclub, a hospital or even your apartment building, you have the right to be safe from an unreasonable risk of harm.

In our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, law firm, we know how suffering from an injury can affect your life. We also know how much you need to recover compensation for lost wages due to missed work, medical expenses and much more. We urge you to seek legal advice if you have been injured on another person’s property, and we invite you to read more about premises liability on our website.

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