Personal Injury Cases: Why Don’t The Majority Go To Trial?

February 7, 2018

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If you have ever watched popular television, when it comes to shows that revolve around crime, everybody seems to end up in court at one point or another. Everyone is either looking for their day in court or dreading what will come of them while going through trial.

While it may make for quality entertainment, the truth of the matter is that only two percent of tort lawsuits actually go to trial, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute. This indicates that your personal injury case will most likely not end up in trial, which is actually to your benefit in most cases.

The Disadvantages of Taking an Injury Claim to Court

By federal law, you have the right to a trial by jury but there are many variables that can affect whether or not that is actually good for you or not.

Three big factors that can make going to trial a disadvantage for you are:

  1. time cost
  2. expenses
  3. risk

When a case goes to trial it only lengthens the already long process of a lawsuit. For those looking to get past the ordeal quickly, this is not a beneficial aspect.

On top of that, the longer it takes means the higher expenses will be. There are administrative expenses, filing fees, copying fees and even a fee for hiring a court reporter. These can end up adding up to thousands and thousands of dollars, which comes out of the compensation a jury awards you, if they award you anything at all.

Finally, going to trial is a big risk. The jury may not believe you are as injured as you say you are. They might even end up thinking you are the one at fault for the accident that resulted in your personal injury, which means you could end up without any compensation or justice.

Experienced Accident Attorneys Representing Seriously Injured Clients Throughout Western PA

Sometimes going to trial is in your best interest, but in those cases it is definitely essential to go over the pros and cons with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Here on the Northside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the attorneys at Goodrich & Geist, P.C. understand all the stress that comes with personal injury cases. They are committed to doing what it takes to obtain fair compensation, and will prepare every case as if it will go to trial, giving you and your family the experienced representation they deserve.

So, if you or a loved one is experiencing pain and suffering from a personal injury, look no further than Goodrich & Geist, P.C. for help. Contact our office today at 412-837-8426 to schedule a free consultation.

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