People Hurt On Someones Dangerous Property Have Legal Options

February 6, 2015

People hurt on someone’s dangerous property have legal options

Although a car accident or work accident often comes to mind when people think about the possibility of getting seriously injured, something as simple as walking onto a piece of property can result in equally serious injuries. Unfortunately, not all property owners in Pennsylvania ensure that their properties are safe for their visitors. As many victims have found, a business owner may have a dangerous property because he or she has failed to regularly inspect it for hazards that could affect the public.

Every year, over a million people in the United States suffer injuries in falls, trips, and slips. In many cases, these accidents are preventable. In addition, over 17,000 individuals end up losing their lives as a result of property-related accidents.

Accidents can quickly happen in unsafe parking lots or on property where snow and ice have not been adequately removed during the winter season. People can also be hurt on playgrounds, at amusement parks, in shopping centers and grocery stores, and even at sporting events. Following these types of incidents, many owners of a property are quick to deny responsibility and instead attempt to shift blame to the victims.

It is within the rights of an individual who has been injured on dangerous property in Pennsylvania to seek to hold the allegedly negligent property owner accountable through the legal system. Those injured, or the loved ones of people killed on unsafe properties, may choose to file premises liability claims, seeking redress for the financial damages incurred as a result of the incidents. A qualified attorney can help you to fully understand your legal options and rights following such an accident.