Natural Gas Suspected Cause Of Explosion

May 1, 2014

Natural gas suspected cause of explosion

A powerful explosion ripped through three buildings recently in another state. The blast left wreckage strewn in every direction and local residents wondering what kind of mistake or error could have caused such misfortune.

The turmoil began shortly before 4:00 a.m. when nearby residents were awoken by the sounds of a violent explosion. Residents as far as five miles away reported hearing the blast clearly.

Stories like this should raise concern and awareness of natural gas safety. It is not yet known what the exact cause of the explosion was, but it is thought to have been a natural gas explosion. Following the explosion, gas was shut off in some of the buildings in the area.

Thankfully, this explosion occurred early enough in the morning that no one was injured, save some individuals who suffered only minor injuries as a result of exposure to broken glass at an assisted living facility. Although it is still too early to point fingers or assign blame, there are certainly some serious questions that need to be asked, such as whether or not it was a faulty installation or maintenance job, or a landlord cutting corners when it comes to natural gas safety that led to this explosion. An investigation may lead to some much needed answers.

If something went wrong that was the product of negligence or a defective product, then those parties responsible could be held liable for damages. No matter who owns a property or building, it is their responsibility to ensure the safety and proper functioning of all gas lines at all times.